Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

If you intend to avail CHEAP MINICABS for your transfers, you must comply with the terms and conditions discussed below. Your consent is evident when you pre-book our 24 hours mini Cab service in London.

1) Definitions:

CHEAP MINICABS and ‘us’ or ‘we’ denote our London Minicab service. Whereas, ‘your’ or ‘you’ refer to customer or passenger interested in booking our CHEAP MINICABS for ride.

2) Booking:

2.1 When you require prompt transfers through our minicabs in London then you must plan your journey vigilantly. The allocation of time must be done in a way that you are able to reach your destination on time. Customers must be very careful when they allocate time for airport transfers. If you do not want to experience delays then efficiently allocate your time. You will be responsible if you miss your next flight due to carelessness from your side. Before placing reservation, you must have your plan decided. You should know what timings will be perfect for pick up and journey time so that you are able to reach timely.

2.2 Customers can select their vehicle before placing reservation. You can choose any vehicle for your transfers as per your budget, time constraints and number of passengers. You must take this decision after careful observation because CHEAP MINICABS will not be responsible for accommodating extra passengers and luggage pieces. Your travel requirements will be fulfilled as per your requests during the booking procedure. If an infant/child will be travelling with you in our mini cabs in London he/she will be paying the similar cost that any passenger must pay.

2.3 You will be restfully transferred to any region in London at reasonable fares. Your journey time will be peaceful and comfortable as we provide various accessories including bags, baby/booster seats and wheelchairs if you have placed request beforehand.

4) The service:

4.1 The customer or passengers will be adjusted in accordance with the capacity of insurance and limits prescribed by the license.

4.2 If you are travelling with children then they should be inhibited in conformity with the age, height and weight.

4.3 When you are travelling in our CHEAP MINICABS, you should avoid eating, drinking or smoking.

5) Cancellation:

5.1 If you have placed a request for cancellation of booking, then you will have to pay the cancellation charges promptly only in case of online booking method. You will be charged for cancelling a ride with CHEAP MINICABS even when the vehicle is present in the premises of our office.

5.2 If you intend to cancel your booking with CHEAP MINICABS then you must inform us immediately through email or call. By informing our operator on time, you can easily avoid the additional charges. If the vehicle is still in the control room and you have notified us about your cancellation plan then you will not be paying any charges. However, if the vehicle is sent to your pick up location and we receive your cancellation request then you will be asked to pay an amount to compensate for the one-way journey time and cost borne by the driver. For a cost-free cancellation of ride, inform us as soon as possible.

6) Liability:

6.1 If an incident of death takes place then your liability will remain intact. You cannot shrug off the responsibility of that incident as you will be responsible for paying the cost of deception, carelessness and corruption from your end.

6.2 In case of incidents arising from mishaps or damages as a consequence of omissions then you are not responsible to make payment.

6.3 If there is an issue from our end that resulted in the breakdown of our London Minicab then we will immediately modify your travel quote. The alternative arrangements will be catered legally and a well-timed 24 hours Minicab service in London will be ready to assist your transfers.

6.4 CHEAP MINICABS guarantees dependability, steadiness and regularity. We will not take any responsibility if there is any delay from your side. Henceforth, the allocation of time must be done excellently so that you are able to get transferred as per your schedule. We will not compensate for the damages or losses that you have been caused due to your actions.

6.5 You must be very careful about your possessions as they are your responsibility.

7) Termination:

7.1 CHEAP MINICABS reserves the right to terminate your booking. In case of any damage to our driver or instances of abuse, your reservation with CHEAP MINICABS will be cancelled. You will not receive any sort of repayment in this case.

8) Miscellaneous:

8.1 The terms and conditions will never benefit any third party. It is an agreement between taking place between you and CHEAP MINICABS. Neither it benefits a third party nor can these be used as enforcement by other party. Your consent over these will reflect your acceptance towards it.

8.2 Your approval is required on these terms and conditions. This consent is a prerequisite for pre-booking our CHEAP MINICABS for your transfers. It will prove that you have wholeheartedly accepted the system of data collection used by CHEAP MINICABS.

8.3 CHEAP MINICABS is authoritative in amending its terms and conditions as per its convenience. You must keep yourself updated about the new policies. Moreover, we will be applying the fare price which is applicable at the time of reservation.

8.4 We religiously follow the prescribed rules and regulations presented by Data Protection Act, 1988. We will keep your information secure and confidential.

8.5 The self-contracting of the commitment can be practised in the light of agreement between CHEAP MINICABS and you. However, you reserve no rights regarding the assigning, transferring or delegating the rights that have been designated to you by the office of CHEAP MINICABS.

9) Disputes:

The consensus between CHEAP MINICABS and you will be settled under the command of English law. If disputes occur even then the authority will be obeyed for further procedures.


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