Frequently Asked Questions

  • How easy is it to book with us?

    CHEAP MINICABS can be reserved 24/7. Our London Minicab service team is there to assist you throughout the process of booking. The reservation can done using the below-mentioned methods:

    • Enter the pick up and drop off locations information where required then by clicking on ‘Get Quotes’, the process will proceed further.
    • Moving forth, the second stage will confirm your selection of the most appropriate vehicle. You are supposed to select the London Car service in accordance with the luggage pieces and passengers.
    • The final stage of booking will ask you to confirm the number of passengers, luggage details and time/date of the journey. Now, click on the option of ‘Book Now’ and your ride with CHEAP MINICABS will be confirmed.

    Isn’t that simple?! CHEAP MINICABS team enthusiastically facilitate the passengers to get an instant quotation. Our customer assistance services are available 24/7. If you are confused about certain matters related to reservation, then you can utilize the live chat facility available on our website. Our staff members can communicate through phone as well. Alternatively, all the details regarding prices and range of services can be emailed to you if required.

  • How early do I need to book?

    As CHEAP MINICABS cannot be hailed from a taxi rank so you have to place reservation in advance. Although, advance bookings are not mandatory but they are encouraged so that inconveniences are avoided. It is always safer to pre-book our London private hire cars at least 24 hours before the journey time. Furthermore, sometimes the passengers are not sure about the exact timings of flight. You are advised to inform the operator through call or website. Moreover, if you are travelling in large passenger groups then you should reserve 8-seater minibus or 16-seater minibus. Due to overwhelming demand of our minibuses, they are mostly reserved. If you need them for your journey, then you should book them 48 hours prior to the time of your journey.

  • Can I book anytime during the day or night?

    CHEAP MINICABS is one of the leading 24 hours Minicab service in London. This refers to the fact that our services can be availed anytime during day or night. Moreover, the reservation will be accepted at any point of time so book your London mini Cab now through website, call or Mobile Application. You will find our customer service very helpful and supportive. If you find the procedure of booking difficult, then rely on our CHEAP MINICABS team for assistance.

  • Can I hail one of your minicabs off the street?

    CHEAP MINICABS is an authorized London Car service. Our operations have been licensed by Public Carriage Office PCO. Our 24 hours mini Cab service in London is permitted by the Criminals Record Bureau (CRB). In the light of aforementioned details, it is evident that the London mini Cab service will be booked in advance. All our private hire cars in London are dispatched from the control room to your pick up location. We hold the license to take the responsibility of your transfers to and from any region in United Kingdom. You must have noticed that the black cabs or any other London Taxi transportation services can be hailed off the street or taxi rank. With CHEAP MINICABS, you cannot instantly hail the taxi off the street. Only by fulfilling the booking criteria, you will be able to achieve the instant travel quote.

  • Do you offer child or Booster seat?

    CHEAP MINICABS can facilitate your transfers through provision of useful accessories. Child seats are required when you need to travel with your children. Although, we are not responsible for providing such services but to make your journey more restful, we will arrange a booster seat or a child seat on demand. For your child’s safety, you can make them sit on the rear seat of our mini cab London. You are requested to inform us about your travel accessories on time so that the arrangements are made promptly. The information that you will provide during the process of booking will decide the quality of our CHEAP MINICABS.

  • How to cancel minicab booking?

    You can conveniently cancel out your booking with CHEAP MINICABS. The following procedure will help you cancel the booking after or before the vehicle is sent to your pick up location.

  • How to cancel a minicab booking before the vehicle is dispatched?

    If you intend to apply for cancellation of booking then the following procedure must be followed:

    • Inform the operator by immediately calling him on 02081590777,
    • Discuss the cancellation process and inquire about the status of vehicle.
    • Our operator will acquire details from you about the booking information mainly comprising of the vehicle type, pick up and drop off locations, date and time, flight number etc.
    • After eliciting details, he will tell you whether the vehicle was sent out or is still in the control room. Eventually, your ride with CHEAP MINICABS will be cancelled and you will not be charged the cancellation fee.
  • How to cancel a minicab booking after the vehicle is dispatched for your journey?

    Your journey will be cancelled with CHEAP MINICABS easily. In case of vehicle being dispatched, you must follow the cancellation process explained below.

    • Please call us on 02081590777 to communicate with the operator.
    • Discuss the cancellation process to prevent cancellation charges.
    • The operator will ask for your booking details such as your flight number, vehicle type, pick up and drop off locations, date and time of journey.
    • The operator will inform you immediately whether the vehicle is in the premises of the office or near your pick up location.
    • Henceforth, the reservation with CHEAP MINICABS will be straightway cancelled.
  • Am I charged for cancelling my ride?

    No, you will not be charged if you have cancelled your reservation with CHEAP MINICABS. We operate as one of the most significant local minicabs in London. As per our company policy, you will receive 100% repayment in case of cancellation before the vehicle is sent to your pick up location. Inform us immediately if you were asked to pay the cancellation fee.

  • Can I cancel the ride when the driver is at the pick up location?

    If the driver has arrived at your pick up location while you process the request for cancellation then you will have to pay the cancellation charges. In order to compensate for the time spent and distance travelled to reach the pick up location, the charges will be incurred. To prevent these charges and inconveniences, you are requested to place cancellation request on time.

  • Is my data protected?

    CHEAP MINICABS functions in accordance with the regulations explained in its privacy policy. We protect your personal data against the attempts of intrusion from third-party. The invasion of privacy is hampered also because we strictly comply with the GDPR.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    Yes, you can cancel your booking with CHEAP MINICABS. Your cancellation request will be accepted without any delay. If the vehicle has left the control room for your journey then you will be asked to pay the cancellation cost. While, in case of vehicle being present in the control room so you will not be asked to pay the cost of cancellation request.

  • I have paid for my ride in advance, what happens if the driver does not show up?

    The drivers of our CHEAP MINICABS are honest, dedicated and efficient. Undoubtedly, the driver will reach your pick up location on time. Our exceptional and impressive London mini Cab service is designed to add comfort to your transfers. However, if you are unable to locate your driver then inform our CHEAP MINICABS team promptly.

  • What if I cannot locate my driver?

    If you cannot locate your driver then call us immediately on 02081590777. Also, if the details regarding your allocate driver are not sent to you then inform our team on time. CHEAP MINICABS team is efficient and actively takes part in all your travel-related matters. Moreover, if you have booked our low cost Mini Cab London through website or Mobile Application then you can view further information by clicking on the ‘My Bookings'.

  • What types of vehicles do we offer?

    CHEAP MINICABS is one of the most renowned London Car service. Our services have been permitted by Public Carriage Office (PCO). We offer an impressive assortment of vehicles which include Estate Cars, Saloon Cars, MPVs, Large MPVs, People Carrier, Executive People, 8-seater minibus and 16-seater minibus. You will get to choose your vehicle towards the second stage of booking procedure. We will present our fleet of private hire minicabs from which you will have the option to select any vehicle according to your taste, budget, luggage size and number of passengers. If you are interested in acquiring further knowledge about CHEAP MINICABS then head over to our website and chat with our staff member. We are sure that you will be facilitated excellently.


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