COVID 19 Precautionary Measures

COVID 19 Precautionary Measures

An infectious disease called Coronavirus is destroying lives of people all around the world. The absence of effective treatment or a vaccine has further aggravated the fear factor. The only remedy is to practise preventive measures. CHEAP MINICABS has been very careful and responsible with this alarming situation of COVID-19. We have been facilitating our passengers and locals with an uninterrupted and well-timed 24 hours mini Cab service in London. As per the regulations, we ensure strict compliance to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so that the exposure to germs minimises. We have enforced certain safety measures so that the cases of Coronavirus reduce significantly. Our private hire minicabs are religiously disinfect after and before any ride.

To protect your well-being from the deadly consequences of COVID-19, we would like to inform you about the below-mentioned safety and health measures.

  • We offer free of charge Sanitizers and masks to all the passengers who choose to travel in our local cabs in London.
  • We are now preferring payments through Cards as the currency notes carry germs.
  • Our minicabs for London are sanitized regularly.
  • The health statuses of our mini Cab London drivers are monitored. In case of any symptoms, they are tested and advised to isolate themselves.
  • Masks are worn properly and changed when needed.
  • The non-contact pick up and drop off facility of CHEAP MINICABS is what makes us distinguished.
  • The private hire cars in London go through ultra-careful and effective cleaning process. We sanitize the steering wheel, armrests, passenger facilities, seats, door handles, travel accessories, headrests and other accessories.
  • The windows will be opened to facilitate the ventilation. Usage of air-conditioning spreads viruses.
  • The covers of seats of our minicabs in London are renewed from time to time.
  • You are requested to avoid touching the mini Cabs London surfaces. Please wear masks properly.
  • The electronic payment must be stored in your phones so that you have a record.
  • Our London Minicab firm ensures the health status of our drivers are good. They are advised to take rest and consume healthy food.
  • In order to achieve safety and protection from the COVID-19 through these safety measures, your support matters a lot.
  • You will always have disinfected and sanitized London private hire cars whenever you place reservation with CHEAP MINICABS.

The team of CHEAP MINICABS ensures that all the aforementioned safety precautions are taken seriously. Please cooperate with us in following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to protect each other.


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