Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CHEAP MINICABS is legally bound to operate according to the privacy policy which will be discussed in this article. We have clearly explained the entire process of data collection and usage. Every customer of CHEAP MINICABS holds certain rights over the information that he/she will provide to process the bookings.

Photos, Images and Picture:

The most prominent part of our website is definitely the section for pictures. The purpose of those images is to throw light on the services being provided. The photos/images are compiled from authentic and valid sources. The procedure of acquiring images from them is also acceptable. Most of the pictures belong to the Stock Photography. We have bought several pictures from them to explain the purpose of our business activity. Moreover, the remaining pictures have been copied and downloaded from trustworthy sites. CHEAP MINICABS mentions the source link below every picture to provide the credits to the creators of the images. However, if you notice a picture that originally belonged to you then you can request us for its permanent removal. That particular photo will be deleted not only from the website but also from the database.

Content creation:

CHEAP MINICABS creates peculiar content for its website. We make use of certain distinguished tools through which the content of our website remains distinguished. The development of unique content has been possible with the innovative knack of our content creation team. The text is paraphrased, unrelated and comprehensible.


Cookies efficiently facilitate the operations of a webpage. They assist in making the content of the website presentable and visible. The presence of cookies have been misjudged by people. To clarify, we would like to state that cookies will never invade your privacy. It stores several significant bits of information that are later on stored by your tablet, computer or mobile phone. Cookies play its role in making the content of the website evident and understandable. You have the option to block the access of cookies. This is not recommended because you will not be able to read the entire information being shared on the website. You must read all the webpages of a website to gain enough knowledge about a service.


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